Belize Teaching Service Commission: Public Anouncement

Attention: Managing authorities of all educational institutions at the pre-primary, primary, secondary, and Technical and Vocational Education Training sectors


Persons who are offered employment as teachers under any school management

From: Chairman, Belize Teaching Service Commission


It is imperative to note that for the school year 2012 – 2013, all new teachers recruited for employment MUST hold a valid Licence to Teach. The attention of prospective teachers is also called to this announcement. This request is in reference to Section 29 (1) of the Education and Training Act, 2010, which mandates that “A person who does not possess a valid license to teach shall not be employed as a teacher.”

Persons who are newly recruited and offered employment as teachers/instructors must note that they must be in possession of a valid licence to teach before accepting an offer of employment. Please also note that it is the responsibility of Managing Authorities, and a condition of grant-in- aid, to ensure that persons who are recruited for employment as teachers are in possession of a valid licence to teach.  It is the role of the Teaching Service Commission to verify and ensure that Managing Authorities are complying with the requirements for employment of teachers/instructors.   Managing Authorities who recruit and hire teachers/instructors, without valid teaching licences, and without the approval of the Teaching Service Commission are therefore in contravention of the Act.  Newly recruited teachers/instructors are therefore advised that they are not to accept an offer of employment from a Managing Authority or school if they do not possess a valid licence to teach or if the Managing Authority/school does not issue them with a copy of a letter from the Teaching Services Commission showing approval for their employment.  The payments of salaries to newly recruited teachers/instructors who do so will not be processed.

Teachers/instructors who have been employed before now without a valid licence to teach are hereby being informed that the deadline for them to obtain a valid licence to teach is December 31,  2012.  This means that such teachers/instructors should apply for such licences in advance and certainly by October 31, 2012 if they expect to meet the deadline for obtaining a valid licence.  Failure to obtain a valid licence to teach by this date will mean that such teachers’ salaries will be subsequently stopped.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

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