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The national sport council is a statutory body created by the Government of Belize 1981 to deal with all sporting organization, federations, and activities both locally and internationally. Our main goals are the development of our athletes in the basic and fundamental rules and skills of the various sports. We presently have 15 registered sporting organization or federation register with us mainly football, basketball, volleyball, softball, table tennis, track and field, cycling, etc. These bodies are affiliated with their international counterpart and much adheres to their guidelines and regulations. The government commitment to these organizations are  in monetary donations, facility usage , donations of sporting equipments , duty free exemption on equipments purchase from abroad. We also provide both technical support as well as a structure for support in terms of a well organizes body that both the public and organization could turn to for help. We presently organize, run, and finance the primary school competition for the entire country in the 5 major sports, football, basketball, volleyball, softball and track and field. We are also responsible for the up keep and cleaning for all our major stadiums within the country of Belize.

We presently have 62 employees.
Major investments presently going on are
A) Marion Jones sporting complex  ( value 14.5 million bz)
B) Norman Broaster Stadium ( 245,000.00bz )
I also forwarded a copy of our activities for the last year to C.E.O Gibson
which should also lend support to the above.

Anthony Michael
Executive Director

National Sports Council

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