Employment Training & Education Services (ETES)

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To be the leading national Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system that provide: equal access, empowerment opportunities, and a better quality of life for all.


To provide quality occupational employment training and education services to empower youth and adults through the development, monitoring, and expansion of modernized technical and adult education programs.


At ETES we pursue the belief in the dignity of work through provision of quality services, empowerment, and equal access for our youth and adults


  1. Coordinate a national system for improved and effective delivery of Employment Training and Education Services.
  2. Engage in research and policy development of programs to improve quality coverage and delivery of technical and vocational education and training within Belize.
  3. Create linkages with economic development activities and the education and training services.
  4. Maintain Employment Training and Education Services administrative effectiveness at the national and local level.
  5. Ensure human, fiscal and logistical resources for the effective and efficient operation of Employment Training and Education Services.
  6. Increase the spectrum of trained certified personnel within Belize's labor force through the development of relevant standard based occupational programs.
  7. Develop and implement a comprehensive training of trainers program for instructors, administrators and supervisors.
  8. Act as the Secretariat of NCTVET, Belize


The Units within ETES includes Program Research and Development, Professional Staff Development, Quality Program Coordination, the NAP Unit, and the Testing and Certification Unit. These Units are comprised mostly by one officer, with the exception of Testing and Certification Unit having three persons. The roles and functions of each Unit include:

Program Research and Development

  • Develop/adoption/validation of occupational standards.
  • Design & develop a systematic/scientific approach to the development of TVET curricula and instructional materials.
  • Provide curricula and instructional materials to assist trainees.
  • Meet standards required by industry.
  • Adapt and recommend training materials already developed.
  • Coordinate revision/integration & upgrading of existing materials consistent with established standards.
  • Develop modularized curricula using Competency Based approach.
  • Design and develop a system of evaluation to obtain feedback for reviewing and updating curricula.
  • Periodically review training curricula to ensure validation and to provide technical guidance in design/development of effective and efficient TVET programs.
  • Linking institutional effort with available resources.
  • Establish a core of persons to contribute and participate in the development of curricula/support services.
  • Conduct conferences, seminar and workshops to promote the development of curricula and other instructional materials.
  • Participate in evaluation visits to ITVETs.
  • Other related activities.

Professional Staff Development

  • Conduct national training needs assessment.
  • Develop a National Instructor Training program.
  • Develop a National Instructor and Staff Training Plan.
  • Develop national strategies to implement the Instructor Staff Development Plan.
  • Conduct Staff Development Workshops.
  • Develop linkages with the industrial sector.
  • Conduct localized training at ITVETs (laboratory management, safety).
  • Develop strategies for institutional strengthening.
  • Develop a labour market information system.
  • Other related activities.

Quality Program Coordination

  • Responsible for providing administrative, supervisory and organizational leadership for maintaining quality educational programst.
  • Collaborate with ITVET Managers for the implementation of strategies which will impact the progressive development of each ITVET.
  • Network with all ITVET Managers to incorporate best practices solution for improvement.
  • Act as a resource to provide information or determine most effective way to meet the needs of management, staff and other stakeholders.
  • Coordinate monitoring and evaluation of all ITVET Programs.
  • Other related activities.

National Apprenticeship Unit

  • Management and operation of a national apprenticeship system countrywide.

Testing and Certification Unit

  • Test development.
  • Management and implementation of National Vocational Qualifications.


ETES is the headquarters of all ITVETs. ITVETs refers to the Institutes for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. ITVETs evolved from the Centers for Employment Training. Currently there is an ITVET in each of the six districts of Belize. ITVET Toledo has been relocated to its new site at Salamanca. Construction and rehabilitation of the new site of ITVET Belize is almost completed.

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