Policy, Planning, Research and Evaluation (PPRE)

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  • Alan Genitty - Deputy Chief Education Officer
  • Neulin Villanueva Ph D - Researcher /Planner
  • Bernaldino Pech - Researcher /  Planner
  • Martin Aldana - Researcher / Planner
  • Yvonne Flowers - Statistician
  • Cercia Kelly - Secretary I


Policy, Planning, Research and Evaluation Unit
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
# Corner St. Thomas and St. Joseph Streets
Belize City

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The Policy, Planning, Research and Evaluation Unit (PPRE) will be the pivot of the Ministry of Education.

Mission Statement

The Policy, Planning, Research and Evaluation Unit of the Ministry of Education is committed to provide relevant, timely data and information which serve to promote data-based decision making, guide policy formulation, research and evaluation to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness within the education system.


Better Data for Better Schools.


  1. To contribute to equitable access to quality education throughout the sector so that Belizeans acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes for their full personal development and for active participation in the development of Belize;
  2. To provide timely information through collection, analysis, verification and evaluation of data pertinent to the education sector, other relevant sectors and stakeholders and
  3. To promote research, data-based decision-making and strategic planning to inform the development and implementation of strategic policies and plans for the effective and efficient management of the education system.


General Functions

  1. Conduct education sector situational analyses/diagnoses within the context of larger development frameworks/plans of the Government of Belize;
  2. Review and examine policy options and advise on the most prudent for consideration by policy makers within the context of larger development plans of the Government of Belize;
  3. Devise plans for implementation of the education sector strategy;
  4. Conduct the analyses of the financing of education to inform the development of strategic policy options for consideration in the development of sector strategies and plans;
  5. Conduct research on sectoral strategies and plans and evaluation of the implementation and impact of sectoral policies;
  6. Provide updated information and feedback on system performance to inform decision-making through various publications and formats. The annual publications include, but are not limited to, the Education Statistical Digest or Abstract of Education Statistics, the Education Statistics at a Glance and Directory of Schools in Belize.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Provide technical and professional advice to the senior management team of the Ministry of Education (MoE) on policy and planning matters;
  2. Develop annual plans in keeping with its functions and in relation to existing sector strategies and plans including;
    1. the development of a comprehensive Education Sector Strategy monitoring plan;
    2. the implementation of a system to facilitate the effective collection, analysis and reporting of data from/by various information sources within and outside the MoE, where possible integrating collection and reporting into the normal functions and information flows of various entities within the sector;
    3. the detailed planning for the provision of accommodation needs at each level of the education system;
    4. the annual participation in budget preparation for the education sector  (in keeping with programme budgeting and results based management approaches);
    5. fashioning proposals for capital investment;
    6. engagement in the formulation of policies/initiatives;
    7. assessing and prioritizing the training needs of the education system;
    8. conducting/promoting research as a means of improving the quality of education and teacher training in the education system where necessary.

Other Responsibilities (Secondary School Boards)

Objective: to improve the performance effectiveness of secondary school boards.

  1. Assist with drafting of specific guidelines for the roles and functions of secondary school boards as it relates to School Quality Assurance/Improvement Planning including:
    1. Responsibility for and Leading School Improvement with student outcomes as the focus
    2. School Policy Setting, Implementation and Monitoring
    3. Financial Management/Fiduciary responsibilities
    4. Establishment of systems of accountability for school administrators, support staff and teachers
    5. Engaging the participation of parents and the wider community in the above.
  2. Provide technical support and advice to school boards and assist with organizing orientations and training for school boards, especially MoE representatives on school boards.

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