Orange Walk District Education Center

Mission Statement

Main Goals




Mission Statement

The Orange Walk District Education Centre is charged with providing effective and efficient educational services and organizing and implementing programmes and projects that cater to the holistic development of teachers, students, parents and the community with the objective of having productive, innovative and proactive citizens.


The vision of the Orange Walk District Education Centre is to provide educational services that will positively cater to the needs of the teachers and students and impact the educational system at all levels for the betterment of the community.


Relevant, effective and efficient educational services for the holistic development of the education community

The Orange Walk District Education Centre is charged with the following:

Professional Development for educators

  • Orientation workshops for beginning teachers are a part of the DEC’s calendar of events.
  • Workshops in using the Integrated Language Arts Curriculum with individual schools are provided upon request.
  • Intervention workshops, after full supervision has been completed, as the need arises at schools are provided.
  • The DEC offers professional development sessions for primary school principals.
  • Professional development services are offered to secondary school teachers.
  • Electronic copies of the National Curriculum and other pertinent documents are made available to the principals and teachers upon request.
  • Regular meetings are held with the 36 primary school principals to relay information and discuss issues affecting the primary schools.
  • Regular meetings are held with the 22 heads of preschools to relay information and discuss issues affecting the pre-schools.
  • Workshops for parents and the community in HFLE, AIDS Awareness, STIs and parenting are offered.

Supervision and Spot-checks

  • Supervision and spot-checks at primary schools are conducted on a yearly basis.
  • One major clinical supervision of teachers at the 12 Government primary schools in the district and follow-up spot checks to ensure that the recommendations made by the supervision team are done.
  • Random clinical supervision at denominational schools is conducted.
  • The supervision team is comprised of the OW DEC Manager, the Education Officer, the Assistant Education Officer, the Curriculum Officer, the HFLE Officer, the Early Childhood Education Coordinator and Special Education Officer.
  • All teachers at the school are supervised including teaching principals.
  • The supervision team engages in a pre and post conference with the teacher being supervised and recommendations are made. It is expected that for the follow up visits, the recommendations have been implemented.
  • The supervision team meets with the staff at the end of the day for a short plenary. The team provides overall comments about the school’s performance and the staff is given the opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns.
  • The DEC Manager also makes an inventory of the facilities at the school and record- keeping done by the principal.

Attention to truancy

  • The DEC has 2 School Community Liaison Officers who are vigilant of school age children who are not in school.
  • The School Community Liaison Officers accompany the supervision team and check the registers and record truant children. The School Community Liaison Officers visit the homes of these children, conduct investigations, interventions and do follow up checks.
  • The School Community Liaison Officers also do patrols throughout the town.

Fostering relationships

  • The DEC staff is charged with building a better working relationship with high schools.
  • Meetings are held with high school principals to strategize how best to address issues affecting secondary school students such as discipline, drugs, peer pressure.
  • Meetings take place with Local Managers to share information relayed to primary school principals.

The District Education Council


  • The District Education Centre Manager serves as the secretary of the District Education Council.
  • The District Education Council meets on a regular basis and as a part of every agenda is the vetting of teachers’ licenses.

Regularization measures

  • The Manager of the OW DEC and members of the District Education Council conduct inspections of schools that have applied for a license to operate.
  • The OW DEC accepts from teachers completed application forms for teaching licenses which are prepared for vetting by the District Education Council.
  • The DEC Staff collects data about schools and teachers as required by the Chief or other service areas at the primary and secondary level.


Consolidated Efforts with other Ministries


  • The Orange Walk District Education Centre Staff boasts of a good working relationship with the Ministry of Health, Orange Walk Branch.
  • Since September 2009, the Ministry of Health with the assistance and support of the OW DEC has conducted H1N1 Sensitization Visits at all primary and secondary schools throughout the district, deworming to all primary school children and distribution of folic acid vitamins to all female students 10 years and older at the primary and secondary school level.
  • The DEC serves as a liaison between the Community Liaison Officers from the Police Department and the schools and the community. These officers conduct talks at schools and monitor the behaviour of students on the streets and in the community.

Other Activities

  • The DEC Manager collaborates with the District Education Council and Managing Authorities to formulate recommendations on goals, strategies and long-term plans for improving access and quality of schooling at all levels of the education system in the district.
  • The DEC Manager serves as the Local Manager of the 12 primary government schools in the district.
  • The DEC Manager and Assistant Education Officer serve as members on various high schools’ Board of Management.
  • The DEC serves as a sub-branch of the Government Bookstore and supplies high school students with textbooks.
  • Certificates of transfer of students from one school to another are done at the OW DEC.
  • The DEC collaborates with the Managing Authorities in planning and organizing the efficient and cost-effective delivery of educational services at all levels of the education system in the district.
  • The DEC collaborates with Managing Authorities to monitor schools to ensure compliance with the Education Rules and the Act, and to ensure adequate provision of education, including physical facilities and resources, the quality of teachers and teaching, the quality of educational leadership and management
  • The DEC supports and ensures proper delivery of services to schools, students and to the general public; including monitoring school attendance and school transportation; supervising distribution of materials, equipment and furniture provided by or through the Ministry to schools; and facilitating biennial inspection of schools.
  • The DEC oversees education development activities by the Ministry including teacher development and curriculum implementation activities and the distribution of BJAT, PSE, CSEC and CAPE exams to schools.
  • The DEC liaises with and maintains good communication with the various partners in Education and the general public in the district; including distribution and collection of application forms and other documents; directing the collection and storage of information from schools; and directing the dissemination of information from other service areas within the Ministry of Education.




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