Cayo District Education Center


Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Goals & Objectives



Vision Statement

Empowering stakeholders in education to meet the challenges of the new millennium

Mission Statement


The Cayo District Education Center seeks to empower educators and other stakeholders in education to positively effect the development of the whole child through the delivery of quality education.


Goals and Objectives


The Cayo District Education Center, through collaboration with the Ministry of Education, will provide adequate support to, Managing Authorities, the Regional Education Council, educators and the community, for the delivery of relevant and quality education in the region.

In pursuit of this mission, the Cayo District Education Center pledges to the following long-term GOALS and related OBJECTIVES:


To develop and maintain a cooperative and communicative relationship among members of all units that operate under the umbrella of the District Education Center.

To provide educators with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to deliver the content of the national comprehensive curriculum.

To empower educators to utilize teaching/learning techniques and strategies that are relevant, child-centered and activity- based through a practical approach.

To improve the quality and availability of educational facilities and resources that are relevant to the school, community, region and country.

To provide support to teachers, parents, and children in efforts to decrease occurrences of absenteeism and dropouts in the district.

To offer guidance and support to teachers in efforts at assisting with provision of coping skills for the delivery of instruction in multi-grade schools and to children with special needs.


To assist teachers in the implementation of the national curriculum by supervision of instruction, by offering practical suggestions for improvement and by providing them with necessary support materials.

To facilitate workshops and seminars for teachers in identified areas of weakness.

Conduct regular workshops that focus on the use of techniques and strategies that foster creativity in different areas of study of the national curriculum. Supervise instruction and suggest practical activities that maximize the use of resources from within the teaching/learning environment.

To upgrade the quality and quantity of books in schools to include children’s literature, teachers’ resource materials, cultural materials, etc.

To visit schools regularly to check cases of absenteeism and dropouts.

To visit homes in various communities and to encourage parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly.

To provide support for teachers with special needs students.

To assist with the integration of special needs children in the classroom.

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