Belize District Education Center

Mission Statement

Main Goals




The Belize District Education Centre is committed to the improvement of education at all levels in the local community.  The Centre will provide relevant educational services, efficient monitoring of schools, and implement appropriate projects and programs to address the needs of all schools and stakeholders.

MOTTO:  Efficient and effective delivery of educational services

The main goals and objectives of the Belize District Education Centre are:

  • To deliver quality and relevant educational services in the Belize District Pre, Primary and Secondary Schools.
  • To improve teachers’ and students’ performance through effective monitoring and supervision.
  • To provide pedagogic support of schools based on monitoring and supervision.
  • To develop and regulate an effective school transportation system
  • To develop a working relationship with Government Organizations, N.G.O.s, Managing Authorities and other stakeholders.
  • The Belize District Education Centre will do the following to realize aforementioned goals:
  • Develop a comprehensive School Directory for the District
  • Devise an appropriate school monitoring system to monitor and supervise all schools in the Belize District biennially.
  • Oversee the implementation of the National Curriculum including the HFLE Curriculum, the National Textbook Programme for Primary Schools, and CCSLC in lower secondary.
  • Monitor and inspect school transportation services to ensure the safety of all students and teachers
  • Provide appropriate support and interventions to assist schools
  • Provide the Ministry of Education, Managers and other stakeholders with timely feedback on assessment of schools
  • Deploy staff effectively and efficiently
  • Liaise with and provide support for other service areas and units within the Ministry of Education
  • Network with Government Organizations, NGOs, and Management to develop and implement appropriate programmes and projects to address the priority needs identified in the schools and communities.



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